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WHY PAY FULL PRICE, when you can find others who are looking to sell the item you are looking for.

Why College Genius?
Simple, To provide a better and cheaper solution for students to get the Books, Electronics, Games, Furniture and more without having to pay the prices of traditional means. At, both the Buyer and the Seller WIN!

Does get a cut or a commission on the item I am selling?
No. We do not get in the middle of the transaction, we simply bring the buyer and seller together.

Do I pay for the item I found on the site?
No, if you are a registered user, you can click on the details of the item and leave a message for the owner of the item with your interest to purchase the item along with your contact info. You both then can negotiate a price, and a time & place to make the exchange. is NOT involved in the transaction, nor do we make any money off of the exchange.

Who is Dean?
Dean is our Mascot. He is Cool and Nerdy at the same time. The guys want to be him and the girls want to date him.
Seriously girls... You do realize he's a cartoon right?

Why is it FREE?
Initialy there was small annual membership fee. After careful consideration, we concluded that in an effort to make the ultimate web destination for college students, the basics of the website MUST be free to college students. There are some costs however. For example, there is a fee to bump your item/event and to make your item featured on the home page.

What are Bumps?
Bumps are AWESOME! They allow you to put your item/event back to the top of the list.

When do I Bump It!?
When ever you want. Although, we don't recommend you wasting a bump if your listing is already towards the top of the list.

After I Bump my listing to the top, how long does it stay at number 1?
Until someone posts a new item or Bumps their existing item, in-turn bumping you to the second position, and so on.

How do I get my item to be a "Featured" item and display on the home page?
Although most of the features on are FREE, you must pay for your item to be featured. Simply edit the item you want featured and check the box that says "Make this a Featured item." Form fields will appear to charge your credit card.

How do you justify the price of a featured listing?
Considering the thousands of items listed on the site, if the cost to be featured was at a very low cost, then most people would do it. Imagine how lengthy the home page would be if all the items were listed on it. The featured position on the home page is reserved for those who are motivated to sell their item(s).

How long does a featured item stay on the home page?
For one week.

What determines the position of a featured item?
The position of the featured item is determined by when the item is placed in the featured items list. The most recent item is at the top.

Can I Bump, a featured item?

Are Event postings FREE?
Yes. Students and Student organizations can post their events for FREE. There is a fee, however, for businesses who wish to promote events on the

How long will my event posting display on the site and when will it display?
Your event posting will display for the TWO weeks prior to your event. After your event is over, your event listing will automatically expire.

How long does my item stay on the site?
Until YOU remove it.

What is "Businesses for Students"?
There are many businesses in your area that rely heavily on students. We put you and the businesses together. We do NOT get any commission, nor are we involved in any transaction between you the student and the local business.

What is the Ride Board?
Same as Ride Share. Let's say you are going to school on one side of the state. You live on the other side of the state. Due to the overwhelming cost of gas, it makes sense for several people that are headed in the same direction to car pool and share the costs.
The Ride Board allows you to post where and when you are going as well as see others who are headed in the same direction.
For safety purposes, we recommend only sharing rides with those who you know and trust or share the ride with multiple people.

What happens if I try to trick the system by deleting my item and re-posting it to get it to the top of the list?
This action is in direct violation of our terms and conditions and your account will be permanently removed.

Can I register for more than one account?
NO. You are only allowed one account, and you MUST use the unversity assigned email address to register.

Can I Buy, Sell or Trade items with people from other university's on
No... Remember, we do NOT want this site to be like other sites. Keeping the buyer and seller in the same area makes for a simpler more trustworthy transaction. Therefore, the only items you see are from the university you attend. And, because you are buying, selling and trading from people that are close to you, there is NO shipping costs.

I don't see my University on your list. How do I add it?
To add your university, simply click here and ask for your university to be added. We will manually add it and send you an email letting you know when you can register and start posting your items.

Why MUST I use my University assigned email?
Remember, was designed for college students. The university assigned email address is the only way that we can validate that you are in fact a college student. Now, we do realize that your email may follow you after you graduate, but you can see where only allowing those who attend a university to access the site, limits the possibility of scams and "creeps" found on other sites.

Am I allowed to sell my items as a business, even if I am a student?
NO! was created for students to easily list and sell the items they will no longer need. It is NOT intended for you to create a business and sell items on the site as a business. Remember, we monitor the site closely and violating this policy can and will result in the revocation of your account.

What types of payments do you accept?
We ONLY accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We do NOT accept cash, check, Pay Pal, or American Express.

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