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WHY PAY FULL PRICE, when you can find others who are looking to sell the item you are looking for.
What is College Genius?

College Genius is the Premier Place that College students go to buy, sell or exchange Books, Furniture, Computer Equipment, Electronics, DVD's, Console Games, Spirit Wear and much more.

As a brain child back in the late 90's, College Genius Partners often thought, "There must be a better way to get the books that I need for next semester without having to pay the outrageous price that typical bookstores charge. I wish there was a list of those people who just took the classes that I am about to take. I could buy the books from them and possibly their notes. That way, I get the books cheaper than the bookstore, and they get more money for the books then the book store is willing to give."

Today, acts as a vehicle for students to sell or exchange their unwanted books, and so much more.

Close, Simple and Easy has created the perfect platform to buy and sell items without all the negative things that come with other third party sites.

For example:

Have you ever found something on a "for sale site" and the seller was across the country, or worse yet, in an entirely different country.

Seller: "Send me the money and I ship you the item."
Buyer: "Send me the item, and when I get it I will send you the money."

Sound familiar? Here we have a situation where neither the buyer nor the seller trusts the other person. This makes for a difficult transaction.

At, the person who is selling the item is at the same university as the person buying the item. This way, both parties can meet at an agreed upon public location for the exchange.

Worry Free / Scam Free
In an effort to reduce scammers, closely monitors items and events that are posted to make sure that only those people who are serious about Buying, Selling and Trading their items can participate. Although it is impossible to monitor every one, we have taken many steps to minimize the possibity of scammers using the site. Note: Violators of the terms and conditions are subject to account cancellation without notification.


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